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Part# Description $ ea
SPL-0001 Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacles, Hubbell p/n 8200I, 15 amp,
125 volts, ivory color
SPL-0003 Patient Cable, 5 Lead, for Lifepak 6, 7 or 8, Tronomed 44.00
SPL-0004 Ultrasound Probe, type CC, Used -Good Condition, For GE RT3200, 3.5MHz, 80mm apeture, GE p/n 46-280678P1 795.00
SPL-0005 Ultrasound Probe, type CA, Used -Good Condition, For GE RT3200, 5MHz, 50mm apeture, GE p/n 46-280679P1 795.00
SPL-0006 Aneroid Blood pressure manometers, Orange, 0-300mmhg, for handheld sphygmomanometer 8.50
SPL-0007 Orange Adult Nylon Blood Pressure Cuffs with 2-Tube Latex Bladder 8.50
SPL-0009 Blood Pressure Bulb, Exra Large, 2 in diameter x 3.75 in long, no valves, similar size to bulb used for pressure infusers 2.75
SPL-0010 Surge Suppressing Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacles, Isolated Ground, mfg by Northern Technologies 29.00

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